Apart from the more famous #Naga-s there was also #Manasā Devi, the sister of #Vasuki, who was popularly worshiped for protection from snakes and to provide miraclulous cures for snake-bites. The #Mahabharata mentions her as the wife of sage Jagatkāru, and the mother of #Astīka, who was instrumental in stopped the famous #sarpa satra of king Janamejaya organized to finish off all Naga-s, in order to avenge the death of his father Parikṣit. #Manasā is depicted as a woman covered with snakes, sitting on a lotus or standing upon a snake and she is sheltered by the canopy of the hoods of seven or nine cobras. She is also refered to as viṣahara, Nityā and Padmavati.

Photo: 10th century #Pala era bronze statue of #Manasā with Astīka in her lap, currently in Linden Museum, Stuttgart


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