Naga Devata

Naga-s are also considered in Hinduism as deities, not as universal as the gods, but certainly having stupendous occult powers. They were born from the union of Kadrū and Rishi Kashyapa. Of the various Naga-s 12 in particular were feared and revered, and among them Ananta or Śeṣa was the most superlative and the king among Naga-s, being the cushion on which Mahavishnu rests during his Yoganidra. While the name Ananta means infinite, Śeṣa means that which remains when all else is gone, the reminder.

Halebidu Karnataka

In the Gita Bhagwan declares in the 10th chapter: “anantaś ca asmi nāgānāṁ – of the Naga-s I am Ananta.

Naga worship is still common in various places in India and particularly prescribed for certain horoscopic afflictions. It is believed that the blessings of a Naga can tremendously acclerate an individual’s spiritual and material progress.


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