A sculpture of the supreme viṣṇu from 10th century Punjab presently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here viṣṇu is depicted with his chakra (sudarśana), śaṅkha (pāñcajany) and gadā (kaumadaki), with his hand in abhaya mudrā – dispelling all fears. He wears a long garland of flowers and his head is decorated with ornate nimbus having bands of lotus petals, flames, and abstracted triangular floral motifs. He is flanker by 6 figures: chakrapurusha, śaṅkha, his two wives and two more attendents. On the left hand panel is Brahma and on the right is Shiva, both with an attitude of adoration for viṣṇu.

“Out of Vishnu this universe has arisen, in Him it exists, He is the one who governs its existence and destruction. He is the universe.”

– Parāśara informs Maitreya in the Viṣṇu Purāṇa.


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